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Window Restrictor INSTALLATION

Window restrictors narrow the open width of a window through which a child may fall, Since 1st July 2017 the government has made it compulsory by law that landlords must have window restrictors fitted to all window openings through which a person may fall and the bottom of the opening is more than 1.4 meters from the ground.

Window restrictor installation is a process of fitting devices to windows that limit the amount it can initially open. The installation process varies depending on the type of window and the type of restrictor being used. Some window restrictors can be installed easily by the landlord or homeowner, while others may require the services of a professional. It is important to ensure that the window restrictors are installed correctly and meet the safety standards set by the government.

Often Over Looked Window Restrictors

Can Bring An Extra Level Of Safety And Peace Of Mind

To Any Home Or Business.

Phone: 045-460652
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